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Interactive Media Lab (IML) is one source for all things multimedia providing end-to-end creative and production services for:

IML is a one-stop shop for all of our clients' digital needs. No need to look anywhere else; we offer a full-range of digital services in-house.


Your work is created and implemented by our team of experienced professionals. We don’t sub-contract your needs out to an expensive chain of service providers. Our team will save you time and money by providing you with a full-range of digital services in-house. Our talented team brings you extensive experience solving problems with digital solutions that get results.

web design and development

Interactive Media Lab provides one of the most complete offerings of web services available anywhere.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business, IML provides solutions that fit your needs perfectly. We have the experience and expertise to provide all of the services necessary to create and maintain your corporate web presence. IML can provide design work, secure site administration tools, custom database-driven application development, media streaming solutions, content management systems, e-commerce solutions, social networking strategies, mobile device integration and much more.

mobile applications

Interactive Media Lab possesses the experience you need to ensure your mobile app for Apple, Android or Blackberry is developed to stand-out in the crowd.

Mobile apps leverage and interact with the unique features of mobile operating system to give consumers a richer experience. Plus, the ability to include Location Based Services and user preference settings ensures a more personal experience. IML is your resource for the development of applications for the Apple iPhone, Google Android and BlackBerry environments and can integrate mobile apps as part of a wider traditional, mobile marketing, or social media strategy.

video production

Interactive Media Lab offers a complete resource for your video production and editing needs and is the Louisville area's first HD production facility.

Video is crossing the lines of the entire spectrum of multimedia possibilities including Blue Ray, DVD, online streaming video, handheld devices, satellite and integrated multimedia. In today’s world you don’t just need people who can point a camera in the right direction and edit what they capture. You need a team of creative professionals and technologists; working together to take the best advantage of all that video has to offer today.

IML is the perfect solution for the production of your television commercial, training video, corporate video or live production. Our creative staff of writers, producers, directors, sound designers, animators, shooters, and editors ensure that from start to finish your story is being told with the best quality and creative approach possible.

audio design

Interactive Media Lab offers extensive resources for audio recording services and sound design unleashing our creative experience and state-of-the-art technology to accomplish amazing results.

High-speed online studio integration capabilities together with our ednet and GlobeCast affiliations allow us to offer the use of an amazing array of national and international voice talent options. Our custom built recording and sound design studios using ProTools in conjunction with some of the most talented creative and engineering staff anywhere and the region’s largest library of music and sound effects options place IML at the top of the list for any sound design need. You’ll find our work in radio and television spots, DVD titles, interactive multimedia and complex sound design used for live events.

event planning and production

Interactive Media Lab creates and executes designs that transform your messages into the most memorable events.

Our methods and insights are a collective result of our extensive production experience. Our products are unique in their exceptional quality and efficiency, which is a direct result of our one source approach. All of our services are provided in-house.

Every opportunity is taken to raise the bar and exceed the ordinary through video, multimedia support, high-energy music and sound design, creative staging effects and the latest in technology solutions. We continue to be focused on providing the highest levels of customer service to every project and are grateful to the many clients who continue to put their trust in IML year after year. This is a priority and an integral part of our continued success.

Interactive Media Lab works with you from the initial stages of conceptualization and development of your event. We start by providing scaled drawings and custom solutions for your specific event logistics. We then execute with design and production of staging needs, theatrical direction, script writing, speaker training, special effects, and integrated multimedia support. Our integrated approach provides our clients with a consistent and superior result every time.


Interactive Media Lab has been fortunate to develop close and long lasting relationships with our clients. IML works a in a partnership with clients to ensure that the outcome of our projects meet and exceed expectations. The list below represents just a handful of the many clients IML has served since 1995.


At Interactive Media Lab we take pride in the facilities we have created. IML provides some of the finest production facilities in the region, and it’s important to us that we bring comfort, efficiency, cutting edge technology and a bit of fun to our client’s experience when they come through our door.

One source for all things multimedia means just that. So in addition to the development resources we provide for web development, custom programming, event planning and production and handheld application creation, we also have the region's premier audio and video production facilities in house as well.

Interactive Media Lab boasts three HD capable video editing suites each providing a variety of input and output formats. Our sound design suite is paired with our video editing suites so that content can be efficiently passed between each as the production schedule dictates. In-house video production resources also include a 3,500 square foot video production studio with hard-set lighting.

IML also provides meeting and event space for our clients and friends of the company free of charge. We accommodate full speaker support services with audio, video and PowerPoint/Keynote integration on-screen.

Interactive Media Lab has always believed that providing the best facilities for the use of our staff and clients is the first step in the development of services that meet and exceed expectations. We believe that with the right tools, any job can be done better.


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Communication is important to solving any multimedia challenge, and we’re ready to help. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be glad to assist you in developing tools that address your challenges and get results.

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